October 3, 2023

Youtube Affiliate Marketing: Should You Do It?

Youtube affiliate marketing is still worth it in 2023. Currently in America, 94% of adults watch Youtube videos at least once every month. 

And worldwide, Youtube has over
2 billion users. And with both of these demographics combined, they watch over 1 billion hours of Youtube videos each day!

Youtube affiliate marketing is well and alive, and you should be taking advantage of it right away. Let’s delve deeper into why you should be using Youtube as a part of your
affiliate marketing efforts.

What Is Youtube Affiliate Marketing?

Youtube affiliate marketing is where you
earn money for recommending affiliate links for products and services that you may promote or mention in your videos.

These affiliate links can be placed in the
description of the video or within the annotations that are applicable when you upload the video.

It’s still affiliate marketing, but the method of how you
make money with affiliate products is different on the Youtube platform.

Nevertheless, you will still want to create helpful video content, tutorials, product reviews, etc to promote a product that you want to earn money from. And whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys, you’ll
earn a commission. 

Where You Can Insert Affiliate Links In A Youtube Video

I want you to understand that you have the option to
cloak your affiliate link in your videos, and you also have the option to place naked or “raw” affiliate links in your videos.

No matter which option you choose, you will want to find a way to
promote your affiliate links in these 5 areas of your Youtube video:

  • The “pinned comment” section
  • The “community” tab of your Youtube profile
  • The “end screen” of a video
  • The “end card” of a video

With the “end card” of a video, you can’t link directly to an affiliate link. So to promote an affiliate product here, you should link to your website. 

Or if you have a landing page builder that you host email sign-up forms on, you could direct people to your
affiliate sales funnel that’s set up for a particular affiliate product.

Why Should You Participate In Youtube Affiliate Marketing?

You want to do Youtube affiliate marketing to be in as many places as you can with your affiliate links. Be sure to produce high-quality videos, but the overall goal is to be in as many places as possible with your sales message so that you can
earn commissions.

Creating the videos is simple, even if you don’t enjoy being on camera. 

If you have a blog and have many blog posts, you can simply
repurpose your blog posts
as Youtube videos. 

If you have a podcast, you can
upload your podcast to Youtube and allow people to find out more about you that way.

If you participate on TikTok, you can
upload your TikTok videos on Youtube Shorts to
get more exposure to your content and build your following.

This is all free traffic for you. It takes a little work to repurpose the content, but it’s still 100% free.

How To Make Money With Youtube Affiliate Marketing

To make money with Youtube affiliate marketing, you want to
create entertaining videos that people will stick around and watch. It will also help if you learn a thing or two about video editing.

Here’s a
quick example of how you can promote your affiliate links in your Youtube videos:

Let’s say you have a Youtube channel about
“disaster preparation” and “survival tips”. You immediately have a
niche where your content can apply to anyone.

In some of your videos, you could recommend a
whole list of survival items (depending on the disaster scenario), and add affiliate links to the products that you’re recommending. 

If all of the survival products are available on
Amazon, you can just insert your raw
Amazon affiliate links in the description of your video. 

Or for another example, let’s say your entire business is geared toward
tech reviews. In each episode, you feature and demonstrate a new tech product, give your opinion, show how it works, and then tell people how they can get it.

The “how to get it” part would be
your affiliate link in the various areas of your video – which should be most prominently featured in the description. 

What Videos Are Best For Youtube Affiliate Marketing?

There are a few video formats that work great for affiliates on Youtube. They are:

  • Product review videos – This is self-explanatory. It’s just a video where you offer your review about a particular product
  • How-to videos – These are videos where you show people how to do something (and do it well)
  • Unboxing videos – Unboxing videos show someone opening up a package and sharing the contents of the package with you. 
  • “Best of” videos – These are videos where someone gives a roundup review about a certain kind of product.

For example, a few “best of” videos ideas could be:

  1. Best charcoal grills
  2. Best hiking shoes
  3. Best non-stick pans
  4. Best Dell laptop computers
  5. Best dunks of the NBA season
  • Screencast videos – These are videos where you record yourself doing something on your computer screen. 

Viewers get to see everything you’re doing on your computer, while you demonstrate a point or concept to them.

Big ticket digital affiliate products are most frequently promoted this way on Youtube.

Final Thoughts On Youtube Affiliate Marketing

So should you do Youtube affiliate marketing? Given the points laid out here today, the answer is

Youtube has a
massive audience and it’s getting bigger every day. This means more opportunities for you to reach people who may be interested in what you have to offer.

And even though there may be alot of people promoting similar affiliate programs that you’re promoting, there’s
still space on Youtube for you to operate in and build a huge following.

Don’t forget the key aspect of Youtube affiliate marketing that is staring you right in the face: It’s Free! 

SEO on Youtube is easier than regular website SEO, and some people make their
entire income based on Youtube marketing.

All you need is an idea, a microphone, a camera, a good backdrop and you’re
ready to go. So what are you waiting for? Start doing Youtube affiliate marketing today!

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